Wood Carved Buoys Made in Maine Ornaments painted with images and scenes for your location

Acadia Gift Designs offers a great selection of Maine Made Ornaments such as the wood carved buoy ornaments offered here.. These buoys are wood carved and whittled by hand and then hand painted in a variety of great colors with themes specific to the gift community you serve. These are three dimensional with artwork on all sides, with three size options ranging from 3 ½ inches to 5 inches, and made of Maine cedar or pine. A series of lobster buoys in a variety of color block options is also an offering. Buoys are offered with traditional stems, whale tail stems or without stems. Please note that each ornament is handmade and there may be slight variations. Personalizing with a location or name or date is always available. Each ornament is wrapped in tissue paper. A note describing the ornament is included.

These buoys, buoy ornaments, and seasonal tabletop buoys are offered for wholesale and we would be happy to provide you with a catalog, pricing, and design options.

We offer a great selection of Maine Carved Buoy Ornaments including lighthouse ornaments, lobster ornaments, anchor ornaments, moose, ornaments, blueberry ornaments, puffin ornaments and loon ornaments and so much more.  Our design options also include snowman ornaments, santa ornaments, bird ornaments, and choices from our nautical ornaments, woodland ornaments and seasonal ornaments collection.  All are at a great price point!